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HBS Wartime Schools

What was the role of HBS during World War Two?

What is the relationship between HBS and the military?


From 1940 to 1945, HBS suspended the MBA program and hosted a collection of programs known as the Wartime Schools. The Navy Supply Corps School, run by the United States Navy, consolidated its operations on the HBS campus beginning in 1940. HBS also jointly operated several programs with the Army and Navy: The Army Quartermaster Course, the Navy War Adjustment Course, The Army Air Forces Statistical School, the Army Supply Officers Training School, the Army Air Forces War Adjustment Course, the Navy Industrial Accounting Course, the Navy Supply Corps Midshipmen-Officers Corps, and the Navy Surplus Disposal Indoctrination Course. These programs were taught primarily by HBS faculty, using the case method, following a curriculum jointly designed by HBS and the military.

The HBS Archives holds records related to many of the Wartime Schools:

The HBS Deans Wallace B. Donham and Donald K. David wrote annual reports to the President of Harvard College; the reports from the war years include details about the Wartime Schools, including their enrollment, curriculum, and evolution.

HBS Archives also has a collection of photographs from the Wartime schools.

The Navy Supply Corps School produced a “yearbook” for each cohort. HBS Archives holds many of them, incorporated into the series of HBS Yearbooks.

The HBS Archives Vertical File Collection includes miscellaneous wartime materials.