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United Fruit

How can I see the United Fruit Company photos?

What information does Baker Special Collections have on the United Fruit Company?


The United Fruit Company Photograph Collection consists of seventy-five photograph albums containing approximately 10,400 photographs. There is no narrative information in the collection and employees are not identified in the photographs.

Portions of the collection documenting Guatemala, Tela (Honduras), Columbia, Costa Rica, and Panama, as well as recreation and schools on company land (boxes 7, 10A, 10B, 12, 30A, 30B, 54, 76A, and 76B and selections from box 5A) have been digitized and are available through HOLLIS Images, Harvard Library's dedicated image catalog. 

Our Corporate Reports collection has a selection of United Fruit/United Brands Annual Reports from 1925-1979.

Due to the number of inquiries we receive and limited staff resources, Baker Special Collections Reference Staff cannot conduct in-depth research in the collection to locate photos of interest.

Baker Special Collections also has a few United Fruit related collections, Records of companies acquired by the United Fruit Company, Boston Fruit Company records, and the Henry B. Arthur papers.

Please Ask Us! or reach out to the Baker Special Collections Reference Staff directly at if you have questions about accessing the collections, using material from the United Fruit Company photograph collection in your work, or additional questions about our collections or services.