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Information about a family member who attended HBS

What can Baker Special Collections tell me about my relative who attended HBS?


The HBS Archives has a number of online resources to help you learn more about your family member’s experience as a student at HBS. Search the HBS Alumni Bulletin for class notes submitted by your relative and articles about the school, faculty, alumni, and programs: HBS Alumni Bulletin 1925-1941, HBS Alumni Bulletin 1941-1950, and HBS Alumni Bulletin 1951-1979. The HBS Course Catalogs provide information on the program of study, descriptions of individual courses, and expenses during the period of your relative’s study: HBS Course Catalogs, 1908-1973. The Dean provided yearly updates on HBS for the Harvard President Reports, 1908-1995; reports from 1909-1919 include a listing of graduates. You can also review early issues of the student newspaper, The Harbus News, 1937-1943.

The HBS Archives may hold other printed resources, such as yearbooks, to support your research. Please Ask Us! or reach out to the Baker Special Collections Reference Staff directly at to inquire about additional assistance.